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Predictive Maintenance

Leaking valves pose a major safety risk and are an important source of operating profit losses. Instead of measuring with classical methods or instruments as a result of long efforts, let us test all your valves with our Acoustic Emission Leak Detection service and create your leakage risk report. 

By analyzing this report, we will list your valves that need maintenance and renewal. 

  • Fast and accurate detection of leaks in isolation, control, safety valves and steam traps 
  • Easy detection of crop losses 
  • Detection of leaks and leakages as low as 0.1 liters per minute 
  • To be able to make the necessary determinations for the reference performance of the valves during commissioning 
  • Determining the amount and cost of leakage in oil, gas, condensate, water, steam, compressed air fluids, process-related chemicals, etc. 
  • Possibility to store and analyze data in the field using a PDA (data assistant device) 
  • A system that has been offering valve monitoring technology for many years and is preferred by major companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, process industries around the world 
  • Enabling the transition from reactive to proactive – predictive care through condition-based monitoring, measurement and evaluation 
  • An excellent tool for use in Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Programs, the system acoustically detects and quantifies leaks, and is the best available monitoring method, recognized by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Greenhouse Gas Reporting Board. 
  • Identification of problematic valves and thus avoid unexpected / unplanned downtime 
Benefits of Leak Detection Services
  • Reduced Operating Costs 
  • Increased Profitability 
  • Reduced Losses 
  • Optimized Process Efficiency 
  • Optimized Reliability and Equipment Availability 
  • Increased Safety 
  • Reduced Environmental Risks 

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